I am a nature photographer from Auckland, New Zealand, having previously lived in the United States and India. I am the founder of IMAgEN8, a registered charity whose mission is to nurture a love of nature through photography. I have self-published six photography books, two in partnership with my wife, Nagaja Sanatkumar and seven photography books for IMAgEN8.

I create photographs because I am inspired to explore and conserve what is beautiful, and bring happiness to others by showing them a small slice of this beautiful world we live in. My photography is about experiences of oneness with the world around us, of seeing beauty obvious or subtle, large and small, in this world that is always changing and vastly diverse. Moments when all else fades into the background and one’s mind is clear and focused yet unaware of the separation of self from what one sees. Moments of peace and happiness. In nature, there is deep wellness.

soft light filters through
my eyes, in their attempt to
blink at shutter speed



Tushar’s photography

Nature for Wellbeing (2020)

Compassionate Nature (2019)

We are Nature (2019)

Happiness is a Flower (2019)

Alternate Reality (2011)

Gravity and Tears (2009)



Centres of Wellbeing (2023)

Little Eyes, Big Perspectives (2021)

Wellbeing in Diversity ENPS (2020)

Nature brings Wellbeing Roscommon (2020)

Nature brings Wellbeing RIS (2020)

Nature right under our noses ENPS (2019)

Nature right under our noses RIS (2019)

Photographs: Tushar Sharma
All images are Rights Managed with Copyright Tushar Sharma